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How does the payments work?

When your collaboration is posted on your social media channel and you have reported it and uploaded all your images in our platform, it is time for you to get paid by us. There are 3 different options when receiving your compensation from us.

Invoice: For creators with their own company. Beatly will create an invoice for you which you will receive in your email inbox as we have approved your invoice information. Make sure to save the invoice for your accounting. The invoice will automatically be sent to our bank for payment so there is nothing more you need to do. Payment terms are 25 days.

Salary: All creators can use this option. Beatly takes care of everything and you will receive your net salary directly transferred to your bank account. We will deduct around 50% of your compensation to pay taxes and social security fees according to the tax rules and legislation. Beatly does not charge anything for using this service.

Self-Employment services (like Cool company, Frilans Finans, or similar): For creators who do not have their own company and want to use invoice services who then pay salary to you.

Please note that for all options it is important to fill in the correct information when requesting your payment from us in order to get paid in time.

How do I get collaborations through Beatly?

When you have a profile on Beatly, you are searchable for us when we are looking at suitable creators for an ongoing campaign. When choosing a creator we consider everything from data and reach to the type of creator and content. To help us find you easier and make sure you get relevant campaign offers it is important to fill in your profile as much as possible and always keep it up to date.

Why do I need to verify my Instagram account?

Beatly is connected to the Instagram API so that we can track your performance in the campaign. It is therefore mandatory to connect your Beatly profile with your Instagram account when doing a campaign with Beatly, so that we can collect the correct data. The verification is only valid for 90 days, after that we can no longer get data from your profile. If you wish to do more collaborations with Beatly you must keep your account verified and re-do the process after 90 days.